Best Albums Of The Flower Kings Band

The Flower King have released one album after another which are full of dynamic and mind-blowing material. If you are familiar with their unique music then you will know that the key people of this band which include RoineStolt and Neal Morse have entertained the world of music lovers with their progressive rock genre of music. The albums that been released by this rock band have all been major hits. The purpose of this write up is to highlight the best albums of the Flower King band.
The first album which was released by this world famous group was Back in the world of Adventure which was produced in the year 1995 and it received an overall ranking of seven thousand two hundred and fourth place in the world ranking. The accolades that were received by this album include the Top albums of 1995, top albums of 1990 and the best album of all times.
The list of studio albums which were released by the flower king band includes the Retropolis which was released in the year 1996 thereafter in the year 1997 they released the famous album Stardust We are. In the following year in November 16th of 1999, they released the Flower Power and then after a gap of a year in the month of July of 2000 they produced Space Revolver and in the following year in 2001 they enthralled the music lovers with The Rain Maker. In 2002 they brought out their famous album Unfold the future and then after a gap of two years in 2004 they released Adam and Eve which again won the heart of their fans and critics.
Paradox Hotel
In the early months of2006 they recorded their album Paradox Hotel which again became an instant hit in the world of music. On the twenty-eighth of September of 2007 they produced their another popular album The Sum of no Evil and then in 2012 they published Banks of Eden and then in 2013 they released their last album till date by the name of Desolation Rose.
Apart from studio albums, the Flower Kings band has also released quite a few live albums which include Alive on the Planet which got released in the year 2000. Thereafter in the year 2003, they performed Meet the Flower Kings. The other two live albums which were released in the year 2006 and 2011 include Instant Delivery and the Tour Kaputt.
These are the best albums that have been released by the famous Flower King Band and since the time they have made their presence felt in the world of music they have been creating great milestones and more and more people from all over the world have become their diehard fans and admirers. The music and lyrics of their songs have been able to strike the right chord with their audience and they have been occupying a dominant position in the world of music by releasing one album after another.

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