Flower Kings Biography

Flowers kings are a Swedish musical group that got established in the year 1993. This group was the got formed with the collaboration of Ronnie Stolt, Jaime Salazar, and HasseBruniusson. They took the roles of the Vocalist & guitarist, Drummer, and the percussionist respectively. In addition, the team included Mammas Manna and Hans Froberg. Hans played the role of the lead guitarist as well as the backing vocalist.

An excerpt from its early days
It is hard to form a biography of this group as it demands mention of various aspects and perspectives. Hence, attempts to narrate their achievements might turn insufficient. Soon after its incorporation, the group decided of forming a band that will share the name with its debut album, The Flower King. By the time the group got established officially, it had Tomas Bodin as the Keyboard player and Michel Stolt as the bass guitar player. Michael is the sibling to Ronnie.

The debutant release and the journey in the following years
The group has their first release ready by 1995. This album was titled “Back in the World of Adventures”. The impressive performance of the group impresses the mass and attracted appreciation from the critics & experts. Critics stated that the performance style and orientation closely resembled the legendary bands like Genesis and Moody Blues. The point that impressed the critics is that this group got inspiration from its predecessors but, has a completely elementary & unique approach in its music and presentation. Thus, their album featured a perfect blending of the classic with unique, forming a completely new style of musical arrangement and performance. It took no time for the group to build a solid foundation for itself.
The group went through a prolific phase in the following years and had a few changes in the group as well as in the style & orientation of their performance. “Retropolis” & “Stardust we are” were their releases for the year 1996 & 1997 respectively. The popularity of the group rose further with their release “Flower Power” in 1998.

Split and replacement in the group
The first split stuck the group in the year 1999 with Michel leaving the band. He got replaced by Jonas Reingold. With this band formation, Flower King released its new album “Space Revolver” in 2000. By that time, the band had UIF Wallander as the guest Saxophone player. Wallander continued with the group for a longer span of time, consequently.

The next year, after its release “The Rainmaker” in the year 2001 the group has another split. This time, this was Jaime Salazar abandoning the band. He got replaced by Zoltan Csorsz and he continued as the drummer till 2005 when it was the time to release the album “Paradox Hotel”. After this release, Marcus Liliequist replaced Zoltan as the drummer.

Resembling the quality of the most Swedish bands, The Flower Kings performs at a superlative level. The musicians are impeccably talented and passionate. Experts appreciate the variation in the projects they have accomplished till date. For any upcoming musical band across the world, The Flower kings are an inspiration and a standard of excellence.

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