Flower Kings Discography

Putting an impeccably high standard of musical performance, consistently since 1995, The Flower Kings has secured a legendary position. For any new musical band, this Swedish group is an inspiration as well as a standard for performance excellence. The paragraphs underneath will pinpoint on some major releases of the group.
Back in the World of Adventures
This album got released in the year 1995. The name of the album will always be written in golden letters in the history of the group as it was their pilot release. This album featured all the founder members of the band and each of them put over 100% performances to give the release a monumental success. Even after 2 decades of release, the album is equally popular among the music lovers across the world.
Space Revolver
This album is significant as it marked the completion of 5 years of the journey and was the first release in the new millennium. This release impressed the mass and the experts alike. It was after this release that the band made its position permanent in the list of the all-time greats.
Paradox Hotel
This studio album got released in the year 2006 and it spans over 126 hours of musical entertainment. This album consisted of 2 CDs, having 10 tracks & 9 tracks respectively. This album gets rated as a great collection for the enthusiast of the rock music. Even after 10 years, this album still sells in very high numbers.
The Sum of No evil
This 2007-release was another master-bluster as this time, the band decided to convey the eternal message of peace through their musical works. The impeccable performance combined with a highly ethical effort to inspire people on peace. Thus, it satisfied the basic objective of arts that advocates that it should render a message along with entertainment. The mass across the world fell for the superlative musical performance while the experts appreciated the album for masterly performance as well as the efforts to uphold peace and the other eternal human values.
28th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show
Desolation Rose
This album got released in the year 2013 and earned exceptional popularity across the world in a matter of not time. In addition to the basic CD, this album presented a bonus CD, having 8 other tracks.
In addition to the basic albums as described in the paragraphs above, The Flower Kings had several releases for its live performance. It started coming in the year 2000 with Alive of Planet Erath being the pilot release in this regard. Subsequently, live recording albums kept coming in market in intervals of few years. With each release, the group impressed the mass and the critics. With each of these releases, the group consolidates its fame and repute further.
The Flower Kings has been consistent over decades in the standard of its performance. With each release, the band displayed consistent improvement in the performance level. Today, it stands as a legendary musical group. The mass and the critics are of the opinion that the group has much treasure left to present to the world.

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