History Of Flower Kings Band

A Swedish rock music band, The Flower Kings got formed in 1993. The band got established when top Swedish musicians like Ronnie Stolt, Jaime Salazar, and HasseBruniusson collaborated with each other. These musicians initiated a journey towards excellence that made the band a legend in its time. The band included Hans Froberg and Mammas Manna. Froberg started serving the band the capacities of second lead vocal as well as the lead guitarist.
How did the journey start?
It is impossible to summarize the achievements of this rock band within the scopes of a few statements. After its inception in the year 1993, the members decided to give birth to a rock band. For the name of the rock band, the band members decided that it will share the name of its pilot album. Hence, the name Flower King got tagged to the new rock band. The new band got the joining from Tomas Bodin. He came up in the role of the keyboardist. It was during this time that the band included Michel Stolt. Michel is Ronnie’s brother and he is an eminent bass guitarist.
The pilot release and the activities of the band in the subsequent years
Flower Kings was ready for its pilot release in the year 1995 that got tagged the name “Back in the World of Adventures”. The rock band put up a superlative performance in this album that earned them the appreciation from the music experts as well as the mass. In the opinion of the experts, the orientation and presentation style of this band definitely shows the essence of the legendary works of the predecessors. Soon, the experts started comparing its performance level with that of the standards exhibited in the works of Moody Blues and Genesis. Experts felt that this group never tried to imitate the works of other bands or performers. Their work always gets rated as unique and exclusive creation. Hence, their album displays a mix of classic with the contemporary approaches. It forms an exclusive musical arrangement as well as performance. Putting a superlative performance consistently, the band consolidated a solid foundation for itself.
An excerpt of the journey over the following years
In the span of the following years, the band went through a golden phase. However, the band underwent a few key changes. This change engulfed the orientation and style of the performance.
“Retropolis” & “Stardust we are” were their releases for the year 1996 & 1997 respectively. The popularity of the group rose further with their release “Flower Power” in 1998.
Reaching the year 1999, the group has a few replacements in the band. Michel got replaced by Jonas Reingold. This new line-up gave birth to its next release “Space Revolver” in the year 2000. It was during this time that UIF WALLANDER joined the band as a guest saxophonist. He subsequently stayed associated with the band for a significant longer span. In subsequent times, the band got the joining of Zoltan Csorsz, replacing Jaime Salazar.
The band has made a significant contribution to the domain of music, popularizing the genre of rock music.

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