Members Of Flower Kings Band- The Pillars To The Success Of The Rock Band

Since its inception, The Flower Kings has always been within the attention and focus of the experts and the mass. This Swedish Band owes its popularity to the musicians who have contributed in the favor of the band. Hence, it is truly worthy to discuss on these eminent musicians.
Ronnie Stolt
It will not be an exaggeration to state that Ronnie has always been the key person beyond this Swedish band. He is a major name in Swedish rock music and holds immense popularity for his impeccable musical talents. His career started in the year 1968 and still he is performance. He is a multi-talented person with exceptional skills as a vocalist and guitarist. He shares an excellent hand as a lyricist.
Tomas Bodin
He has been one of the founder members of Flower Kings and he holds international repute as an eminent keyboard player. In addition, he has several solo albums that account for his superlative skill. He has impressed the critics and the mass with his superlative performance in the basic albums of this band.
An eminent Swedish drummer and percussionist, Hasse is another member who has made major contributions to take the band to a standing where it stands now. His professional career started during the 1960’s. in addition to his association with the Flower Kings, Hasse held an association with other reputed Swedish rock bands. His superlative performance has taken the works of this band to the mid-heavens of excellence.
Jaime Salazar
Jaime served Flower Kings till 2004 and he has been a major contributor to the journey that made this Swedish rock band a legend in its own time. His style of drumming that features his passion for music has added a new dimension to the performance of the troop. In addition to his association with the Swedish rock band, he has been a part of other eminent Swedish rock bands.
Jonas Reingold
This Swedish bass guitarist joined Flower Kings in the year 1999. He joined the band as a replacement to Michel Stolt. His impeccable performance as the bass guitarist has been a major factor has made a major contribution to the success of the rock band. Jonas has been a member of The Tangent, an international progressive rock band. In addition to the role as a bass guitarist, he holds talent as a songwriter. He has served as a lyricist for The Poodles, a metal rock troop from Sweden.
He served the Flower Kings as a guitarist since 1994. Hassegets an appreciation for his superlative skill as a guitarist and his skill has made a significant contribution to the success of the Swedish rock band.
The musicians mentioned above has been the pillars for the high-rise of success that Flower Kings have built in a span of 20 years. Hence, these stars deserve sincere appreciation for the contribution they have made as an individual and as a team. The performance of these men has enabled this Swedish rock band to attain the mid-heaven of excellence.

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