My Story

Hi there! You are a fan of The Flower Kings then you are actually the fan of one the most celebrated bands. They literally produce one of the kinds of progressive rock music that won’t fail to inspire you. No doubt that they have gone through a lot changes in their band but still have never failed to attract the fan following and the fans have never felt disappointed at their productions. There is so much that this band has gone through in its past times that all the information will seem insufficient but still this band found its way around 1993 and officially started its business in 1994 that lead them to produce different studio albums, fan albums, live albums. All of them have generally received good ratings and appreciations from the fans.
I am a true fan of music who will actually listen to any music that appeals her taste and once I like the vocals and music of one artist, I would actually go for downloading all the past albums and solos of the very person and find myself the best of the songs in them. I would rather keep most of the songs downloaded in my library and would transfer the best among them in my playlists and they would be my favorites for next few weeks. For me, ‘Desolation Road’ was the recognizing time for the existence of band; before that, I already had sometimes heard of the band but that is not enough me until I actually come across some of the song. And one single song was enough to make me their fans, then was a fan following time in which I read every piece of information available about them present on the internet as a true fan of ‘The Flower Kings’. I like to make fan pages of the artists and bands I like because I believe that fans are always looking for quality information about their ideals. They want to know all about the happenings in their professional life and also for the personal life to some extent; they would want to know about the upcoming albums and new songs by these artists and that is the motivation behind this site.
Whether it is their upcoming album or some previous album or even their first ever album, you are going to find all sorts of information about them including the gossips and personal reviews. You will be informed with their news and whatsoever they are up to; what is going on in their lives, who is the new addition in their band, who is leaving the band, who will be the next guitarist, who is going to play drums, who is going to give bass, whether there will be a change in vocalist or not. So almost anything you want to find about will be present here. In future, you won’t have to go here or there to find some quality information about The Flower Kings and this single site will be enough for you because it will be a true The Flower Kings page. I dedicate this solely to ‘The Flower Kings’ because of the great music they have produced for us to hear. So this is going to be your next The Flower Kings Wiki but with gossips and reviews. I will make every news even more interesting for you to make you fall in love with The Flower Kings even more and more. What you only have to do is stay updated here and that will be all.